Caribbean Grill 'Kickstarter' Project for Food Truck Successfully Funded
August 14, 2014

CHAMPAIGN, Illinois (August 14, 2014) – In the coming months, Champaign-Urbana can expect to see a new food truck on the scene from Caribbean Grill, after successfully reaching their $10,000 Kickstarter crowd-funding goal.

Kickstarter, a popular site for small businesses, independent artists, and other start-ups, offers a community based platform for users to financially contribute towards projects as 'backers' in exchange for various rewards and the satisfaction of supporting a cause that they believe in. Kickstarter project crowd-funding is an all-or-nothing format, meaning that project creators must raise the full amount of their set goal in order to receive any funding at all.

Executive Chef and Owner Mike Harden expressed a sincere level of thanks towards Caribbean Grill's Kickstarter supporters saying, "It really is humbling to know that so many people believe in our vision just as much as we do ourselves. We had people who don't even live in Champaign to contribute, as well as backers to contribute at our highest pledge level of $2,500."

Even after the close of the Kickstarter campaign, Harden says that pledges have still been rolling in. "There were some who missed the deadline to contribute via Kickstarter, but still wanted to sow a seed of support in our business. In total, we've raised $11,500 for our food truck," says Harden. A small portion of the funds will go towards fees related to use of the Kickstarter website, but the rest will go towards the expense of getting the new restaurant on wheels rolling, and fulfilling backer rewards.

Harden is hoping for a fall 2014 opening for the mobile food business, making the unique cuisine of Caribbean Grill available to individual customers in Champaign-Urbana on a more frequent basis than its current one-day-a-week carry-out lunch service on Wednesdays at Refinery, but working with the health department and the actual outfitting of the mobile unit could delay that process. "We want to open at time where people will want to come out and enjoy an outside dining experience. So if things don't line up for this fall, definitely look for us next spring," says Harden.

Caribbean Grill's menu features authentic, scratch-made recipes that include jerk chicken, rice 'n peas, sweet fried plantains, pineapple rum cake, and a number of other Jamaican influenced entrées, side dishes, and beverages.

Caribbean Grill can be reached by visiting, by calling (217) 960-JERK (5375), or by email at .

Caribbean Grill's Kickstarter project page can be viewed at